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Genna & Jesse


Bei den Weinstuben Konzerten handelt es sich ausschließlich um Privatveranstaltungen für Freunde und Verwandte.

Genna & Jesse Konzert im Mai 2022

Endlich ist es soweit!!!

Es gibt wieder Weinstuben Konzerte
Seit zwei Jahren haben keine Weinstuben Konzerte mehr stattgefunden.
Das letzte gab es im März 2020.
Die berechtigte Wartezeit ist nun vorbei.
Das Virus und die Politik haben ein Einsehen.
2022 haben sind die Beiden ihr drittes Konzert bei uns im Rahmen ihrer "Say O.K." Tournee durch Europa gegeben.

Genna & Jesse Konzert im JMärz 2020

Es war ein unvergesslicher Abend mit vielen neuen Songs des Genres "Retro Soul" aber auch alten, bekannten Ohrwürmern.

Es war ein unvergesslicher Abend mit vielen neuen Songs aber auch alten Ohrwürmern.

Eingängigen Modern Retro Soul mit tollen Texten brachten die sympathischen Künstler, die auch privat ein Paar sind, überzeugend über die Rampe.

Dabei geben Genna & Jesse leicht verständliche Ein- und Überleitungen zu den jeweiligen Songs.

Die Family ist uns mitsamt Baby IIsaco so richtig ans Herz gewachsen.

Besonders gefreut hat sich der Gastgeber über ein ihm gewidmeten Coversong von Steely Dan "Any Major Dude Will Tell You".

Kurz nach ihrem Auftritt kam der mit Lockdown verbundene Ausbruch der Pandemie und so waren die Beiden für sehr lange Zeit die letzten Künstler in Helmuts Weinstube .

2022 haben sind die Beiden ihr drittes Konzert bei uns im Rahmen ihrer "Say O.K." Tournee durch Europa gegeben.

Genna & Jesse - Auschnitt vom Revival Konzert März 2020

Fotos vom Konzert 2020

Genna & Jesse Konzert im Januar 2017

Das vierte Weinstuben Konzert fand am 15. April in Helmuts Weinstube statt.

Ein tolles Konzert mit Genna & Jesse aus U.S.A.

Wundervolle, eingängige Melodien im Retro Soul Sound mit Anleihen an Jazz und Pop der sechziger Jahre.

Teilweise Ohrwürmer, die noch am nächsten Tag nachklingen.

Interessante Texte mit sehr unterschiedlichem Inhalt.

Vom Liebeslied über den "Monstersong" bis zum Song über den Chiropraktiker - alles dabei.

Ein gelungener Abend, der uns und unseren Gästen wieder einmal viel Freude bereitet hat.

Funny Songs - Happy Songs - Groovy Songs - Profound Songs

We love their music! We love Gena & Jesse!

Fotos vom Konzert 2017

Genna & Jesse Streamingkonzerte

Auch Genna & Jesse geben in Zeiten von Corona Streaming-Konzerte und lassen so ihre Fans in einer digitalen Musiklandschaft an ihrem künstlerischen Schaffen teilhaben.
Live aus La Maison.

Ihre große Europatour ist leider zum Stillstand gekommen, und das Duo kann man so wenigstens virtuell erleben.
Das Konzert ist für alle kostenlos - Spenden werden dankbar angenommen unter:


Locked Down Live From La Maison

Genna & Jesse - Confinement Concert from La Maison

"Happy Song" In Helmuts Weinbar

Genna & Jesse über ihr Konzert bei uns

Genna & Jesse
Friday 28. April 2017 03:21

Uli and Birgit are wonderful people and excellent hosts! The area in which concerts are held is simply amazing - an old building separate from the house which has been transformed into a small theater and party space, complete with stage, full bar, and banquet room. The equipment they have is what you'd find in any good club - sound equipment, lights, etc. Although we didn't need a PA, it was available. For all of these reasons, playing this concert series is more like performing at a venue than a sofa concert, but although it has a lot of "extras," it still has the special intimacy that any sofa concert should have. The guests were all very attentive and appreciative, and really fun to play for and socialize with. After the concert, we enjoyed hanging out in the Weinstube listening to old jazz numbers and show tunes. It was a night to remember! THANK YOU!

Genna & Jesses Music

Genna & Jesse are defined by a unique alchemy born of the quirky chemistry, intricate vocal harmonies and ardent storytelling which infuse their songwriting and vibrant performances. With whispers (and sometimes roars) of folk, country, jazz, blues, art song, and popular music from the ‘60s and ‘70s, their self-chosen genre “acoustic-soul” doesn’t quite encompass what they conjure up in their joyful live shows and sensual, deliberate albums. These two shrug off music industry conventions in favor of doing what feels good, and this genre-defying dedication to being current and free has an exciting and irresistible effect. Drawing inspiration from their romantic nomadic lifestyle, Genna & Jesse might best be described as modern troubadours, generously offering listeners glimpses of their always-moving world with something fresh, true and genuinely independent.

They are not content to perform only their own songs, however. With so much talent flying under the commercial radar, Genna and Jesse actively seek out and perform songs by lesser-known artists whom they meet in their travels and collaborations. Their evocative performances of these tunes provide a springboard for connecting community – artists and audiences. Every show is different because they are not content to sit in their comfort zone. They stretch their creative boundaries, finding (and constantly creating) new music and playing with it.

Genna and Jesse began performing together in 2009 when Genna hired Jesse to play piano in her San Francisco soul-punk band “Fiction Like Candy”. While working together, a romantic union blossomed and the two decided to write and perform as a duo.

Genna Giacobassi is originally from Lansing, MI. Her parents are both musicians and she grew up surrounded by, and immersed in, music. She attended Interlochen Arts Academy High School, where she studied voice. A rebellious spirit, she put aside a future in performing the works of others in order to obey her internal muse. In 1995, still a teenager, she dropped out of school and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to hone her performance and songwriting skills. Her soulful voice is at once easygoing and acrobatic, with hints of Billie Holiday, Rickie Lee Jones, Lucinda Williams and Joni Mitchell.

Jesse Dyen has a colorful musical history — he has drawn praise for his anti-war anthem “Sons and Daughters,” from Willie Nelson, bought beer for Joe Strummer, broken Joan Baez’s guitar string, and been to jail with Daniel Ellsberg. Jesse has self-produced hundreds of tracks and has appeared in projects in the U.S., Europe and Africa. His album “Contents Under Pressure,” recorded in his hometown Philadelphia and featuring some of Philly’s finest musicians, has received radio airplay both domestically and internationally, and was recorded by producer/drummer Andy Kravitz, who also engineered and produced a number of the duo’s recent tracks including “Tumbleweed and Tonic” and “I Won’t do it Again”.

Genna & Jesse, newly married and fully embracing the gypsy lifestyle, are currently on an international perma-tour, promoting their newest release, “Wild Enough To Try.” Their tour, which includes club venues, house concerts, restaurants, cafes, and festivals, is being done with as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Genna and Jesse Say OK Campaign Video

Give And Take

Song for Jean

I Don't Feel Like Myself Tonight

Your Little Whore

Genna & Jesse - Happy Song - LIVE SESSION PHILA


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